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Discover the Possibilities of Smart Home Technology For Your Home

Couple embracing over coffee at the kitchen table.

What Smart Home Solutions Should You Consider for Your Louisiana Home?

Effortless convenience plus modern luxury is how we describe what smart home technology can bring to your everyday living. All you need to execute this vision is an expert partner like the team at Campo Better Living. We are your local smart home solutions integrators, ready to help you plan and install smart features that will benefit your day-to-day life. 

As you begin to explore the vast (and growing) world of smart home tech, let's see how some functions could be helpful in each area of your New Orleans, LA, home.

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Audio Video Distribution Makes Life Simpler

media room with gray sectional, large screen TV, white floorstanding speakers, and a fireplace overlooking a patio scene

Pick Up Where You Left Off with Audio & Video with Campo Better Living

Have you ever found yourself nodding off while watching a show in the living room, only to head to bed and find yourself wide awake again? Instead of trudging back downstairs to finish your show, just press Play in the bedroom to pick up where you left off!

An audio video distribution system makes this scenario and several other convenience-adding scenarios possible in your Metairie, LA, home. Discover what else you can do with this high-performing audio video setup in our blog below - keep scrolling!

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Movies, Sports & Netflix, Oh My!

Blue and creme-colored home theater space with tiered seating, sconces, and overhead lighting.

Experience the Latest Entertainment with a Custom Home Theater Design

It’s relaxing to cozy up next to your partner and kids on the couch to watch a new show together at the end of a long day. It’s exciting to cheer alongside your friends as you watch your favorite team win despite being the underdog. And it’s riveting to be on the edge of your seat while immersing yourself in the scenes of a new blockbuster film.

All of these experiences can pull at your heartstrings, soothe your soul, or rejuvenate your spirits. Homeowners in the Metairie area can create these experiences in their own homes when they enlist the assistance of Campo Better Living, a trusted professional home theater design team serving Louisiana. Keep reading below to discover what you need to incorporate into your custom personal cinema space to make it the ultimate entertainment spot!

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It Is Not Always a Thief Trying to Break In

Closeup of a person using a keyless entry sensor to open the door.

How Home Security Solutions Are Your Weapon of Choice in Case of Emergencies 

Every year, homeowners in New Orleans, LA, must deal with the real possibility of a natural disaster striking close to home. 

At Campo Better Living, we understand the importance of protecting your property and loved ones. We offer our clients the latest products and the most professional home security solutions and services.

Although security automation systems are usually associated with crime, there are plenty of cases in which they are just as useful during natural disasters and other emergencies. 

Our industry experience has taught us that a proactive approach in such scenarios is your best bet at protecting your home, family, and interests. 

Here are three examples of a comprehensive home security system saving you time, money, and heartache when dealing with accidents and natural disasters. 

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