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4 Components of Home Security You May Not Have Considered Yet

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Go Beyond Basic Systems and Secure Your Property Intelligently

Ensuring your home is protected is a full-time job, and it’s imperative to partner with a professional home security system company to look out for your best interests. 

Keep reading below to learn four components of home security you may have yet to consider and how Campo Better Living can make these things a reality on your property in New Orleans, LA!

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A dark home is an easy target for criminals, so incorporate exterior landscape lighting as part of your smart security system. Automatically at dusk, the lighting should turn on. This not only adds curb appeal to your property, but it prevents thieves from thinking your property is unoccupied. In the mornings, these exterior lights can be programmed to turn off completely to reduce energy consumption, or you can keep some lighting on to showcase specific trees and flowers - it’s up to you! 


Shades that are drawn for days on end are clear indicators that no one is at home. With a smart security system, you can program shades to open and close throughout the day to create an illusion that you and your family are at home. You can even program shades to lower automatically at dusk, so whenever you are at home, there’s no need to walk from room to room to close the shades; what a timesaver! Plus, nosy neighbors won’t be able to peer inside once the interior lights are on and the sun goes down.

Remote Monitoring

With an Alarm.com home security system from Campo Better Living, you can rest easy knowing your New Orleans home is in good hands whether you’re at home or away. You’re notified instantly of any window and door sensor activity, motion alerts, and perimeter breaches via text or device notification. And if you’re unable to respond to an alert, the remote monitoring team can respond to incidents and even contact local law enforcement if necessary. Your home is safe with a smart security system featuring remote monitoring services.

Smart Locks

Hiding a key under a rock in the garden is no longer a serious security method like it was 20 years ago. Thieves know all the tricks homeowners try to use to make it convenient for friends, guests, and neighbors to get inside their homes when they are away. 

Do you need someone to feed your cat while you’re away for a few days? Simply create a unique user ID for your neighbor to use. You can give that code to your neighbor. On the Alarm.com app, you’ll be able to program which days and times they’re allowed access to your home. And what if they forgot to lock up when they were done? You’ll receive a push notification or text message letting you know. Then you can remotely lock the door - and please text your neighbor to let them know of their oversight as well!

A Trusted Security Partner

Campo Better Living is a premier home security system partner in the New Orleans area. Chat with us at the bottom of your browser, or fill out our contact form to start a conversation about your security project - we can’t wait to hear from you!

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