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Protecting Your Home and Business with Smart Security Cameras

A woman in a hammock holding a tablet displaying a home security camera video feed.

Today’s Cameras Offer AI Learning, Night Vision, and High Resolution

Whether you’re a homeowner looking to protect your family or a business owner searching for the best security measures for your assets and staff, today’s security cameras are a worthwhile investment. These cameras offer high resolution, are a great crime deterrent, and, if the worst-case scenario occurs, can help apprehend the culprit. 

The latest smart cameras also offer unprecedented peace of mind providing notifications when the unusual occurs and the ability to check in from anywhere in the world. So, let’s explore the latest “smart” surveillance and how it’s protecting homes and businesses in New Orleans, LA.

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A Day In the Life of Your Access Control System

Closeup of a man scanning his fingertip on a biometric access control point. 

How Building Access Control Should Feel for Employees

Safety is a primary concerns in any workforce. Who goes in and out of buildings matters more than ever. At Campo Better Living, we partner with industry professionals in new construction and renovation projects across New Orleans, LA, bringing our clients the latest in access control, surveillance, and security. 

No matter the size of your business, a security system should keep your employees and property safe from the gate to their desks, whether you are there or not. To illustrate the role of building access control as part of your business security, here is what employees, management, and yourself could expect when arriving at the office. 

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Security Cameras Are Proven to Deter Criminals

A woman’s hand holding a phone in the kitchen with a video of her family leaving through the front door

Keep Your Home and Loved Ones Safe with the Latest Surveillance System

Is your home as safe as it should be? According to the National Council for Home Safety and Security, there is one burglary every 13 seconds in the U.S. While that statistic is somewhat alarming, the good news is that if your home has a security system, it is 300% less likely to be burglarized. 

Adding a smart surveillance system and ensuring that some security cameras are visible is a proven measure to deter criminals. Today's systems are intuitive and proactive, stopping the unthinkable before it happens.

Let’s explore the latest surveillance systems and what they can do for you and your Covington, LA, home. 

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Discover the Possibilities of Smart Home Technology For Your Home

Couple embracing over coffee at the kitchen table.

What Smart Home Solutions Should You Consider for Your Louisiana Home?

Effortless convenience plus modern luxury is how we describe what smart home technology can bring to your everyday living. All you need to execute this vision is an expert partner like the team at Campo Better Living. We are your local smart home solutions integrators, ready to help you plan and install smart features that will benefit your day-to-day life. 

As you begin to explore the vast (and growing) world of smart home tech, let's see how some functions could be helpful in each area of your New Orleans, LA, home.

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