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Why Should I Work with a Professional Home Entertainment Installer?

living room seating area facing a large screen TV mounted to the wall for high-performance home entertainment

And Two Other Questions You Need to Think About Before Starting a Home AV Project

Pick two of the following: speed, quality, and cost. 

You can reasonably have two of the above things, but not all three. A home project completed too quickly leaves you with cut corners and a low-quality result. On the flip side, a high price tag comes with high quality but takes a little longer to incorporate into your home than a less-expensive DIY option. 

Many Metairie-area homeowners want a luxury entertainment experience with a small price tag and quick turnaround. Realistically, though, you [don’t] get what you [don’t] pay for, and a quick-and-cheap home theater or media room installation simply won’t offer the immersive sound and picture quality most viewers desire in their Louisiana entertainment spaces. Top-performing audio and video performance is an investment for the ultimate at-home cinema and listening experiences! 

Instead of hopping across town to the local big box retailer for a DIY solution that involves a TV and speaker straight out of the box - consider contacting a professional home entertainment installer like Campo Better Living for your upcoming audio/video project. Keep reading below to discover why you should work with a premier AV installation team and find the answers to two other frequently asked smart home solution questions. 

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Common Home Theater Installation Mistakes

Home theater room with large screen and projector, brown leather theater seats and uplighting on the walls.

Advice From An Expert Home Entertainment Installer

A home theater room is the ultimate entertainment venue for enjoying a night with family or friends. When it's time to say "lights, camera, action," you want everything to look and sound amazing, just like it would if you were in the theater. That's our goal every time we work on a home entertainment installation.

Our Campo Better Living team has seen and fixed many home theater installation mistakes as the premiere New Orleans, LA, home entertainment installer. This blog will walk you through a few common errors and offer our advice for building the ultimate movie viewing experience.

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Don’t Leave Your Business Vulnerable to These 3 Dangers

closeup of a person’s hadns entering a code on a keypad and opening a door with the other hand.

Building Access Control & Other Security Measures Protect Your Company from Loss

Keeping your company profitable in this day and age is quite an accomplishment! New Orleans-area business owners have been thrown for a loop the last several years, having been forced to adapt to a new normal amidst wild news cycles, world events, and an ever-evolving customer base. 

One evergreen aspect of owning a business that remains and will always be present is security. Keep reading our blog below to discover how building access control and other commercial safety measures can protect your Louisiana business from three expected and not-so-expected dangers.

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3 Spaces in Your Home That Could Benefit from a Surround Sound System

A media room with a surround sound system setup

Experience Premium Audio Throughout Your Home for Movies, Music, & More

Audio is a crucial part of any entertainment experience. Premium speakers can deliver high-fidelity sound that enhances a movie-watching experience in your home theater or pump your favorite playlist through your media room. If you and your family love watching movies, TV shows, sports, or listening to music, then you’ll love the audio delivered by a surround sound system. Keep reading to see three places in your New Orleans, LA home that could benefit from a tailored surround sound system. 

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