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Outdoor Lighting Control Transforms Backyard Spaces

outdoor view of a pool area and backyard space in a luxury home, illuminated with landscape lighting.

Add Security & Entertainment Options to the Property with Lighting

If you’ve been looking for a way to add curb appeal to your New Orleans-area property, then it’s time to consider a professional outdoor lighting control installation. Pool parties, barbecues, and movie nights are taken to new heights of entertainment with the right lighting and ambiance. In addition to fun, there’s a functional benefit to exterior lighting, too—security and protection. Read along below to discover what’s possible with this innovative smart home addition to your Louisiana property!

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3 Types of Hangouts Made Better with Outdoor Lighting Control

outdoor view of a pool area, seating, and a luxury home illuminated from the inside and out.

Ramp Up the Fun No Matter the Time of Year with Campo Better Living

So, you want to host a party.

You’ve worked extensively on the guest list, you’ve planned the menu, and you’ve curated the perfect playlist. What else is there?

Once the sun goes down on the Slidell, LA, horizon, how are you planning to illuminate your get-together? If your response is “I don’t know” or “a flood light,” then it’s time for an intervention. You need a beautiful landscape lighting upgrade with an outdoor lighting control setup designed and installed by Campo Better Living.

Read below to learn about three different gatherings a lighting upgrade can transform with the simple press of a button!

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The Fun Can Go All Night with Outdoor Lighting

a group of six men and women toasting wine glasses with a man and woman talking in the background

Campo Better Living Brings Exciting Lighting to Your NOLA-Area Property

There’s no need for your outdoor entertainment activities to wind down once the sun lowers on the horizon. Instead, keep the party going well into the wee hours of the morning - plus keep everyone safe - with an outdoor lighting control installation from Campo Better Living.

Not only will you be able to add instant curb appeal with preset schedules, but you can add the perfect ambiance to any outdoor hangout you’ve got planned for your friends in Slidell, LA. Keep scrolling below to discover what you can do once you incorporate outdoor lighting control and automation.

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Enjoy Automated Lighting in These 3 Spots on Your Property

an outdoor seating area overlooking a home with automated lighting control

Set It and Forget It - Smart Lighting Makes Life Easier in Louisiana

You may remember the infomercial from years ago where the spokesperson repeatedly said, “set it and forget it!” We like to apply that same phrase to automated lighting! It’s a fun reminder of the incredible convenience that comes with preprogrammed lighting scenes and schedules. Campo Better Living brings this and other smart home solutions to homes in Mandeville, LA, and the greater New Orleans region. 

Keep scrolling below to learn three areas of your property that can be improved with automated lighting technology.

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