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Motorized Shades: The Ultimate Stylistic Tool for Your Home

A kitchen dining table with a window in the background featuring roller shades.

Tips for Incorporating Them into Your Interior Décor

Discover the perfect fusion of technology and design with motorized shades. From enhancing natural light control to generating focal points, motorized shades serve a vital role in your interior design, offering functionality and aesthetic appeal. Explore the transformative power of motorized shades in creating the perfect ambiance for your living spaces.

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Enjoy Automated Lighting in These 3 Spots on Your Property

an outdoor seating area overlooking a home with automated lighting control

Set It and Forget It - Smart Lighting Makes Life Easier in Louisiana

You may remember the infomercial from years ago where the spokesperson repeatedly said, “set it and forget it!” We like to apply that same phrase to automated lighting! It’s a fun reminder of the incredible convenience that comes with preprogrammed lighting scenes and schedules. Campo Better Living brings this and other smart home solutions to homes in Mandeville, LA, and the greater New Orleans region. 

Keep scrolling below to learn three areas of your property that can be improved with automated lighting technology.

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A Lutron Smart Home Sets Itself Apart

Open concept living room, dining room, kitchen layout with large windows and chandelier.

Learn How Innovative Smart Lighting and Shades Dramatically Alter Daily Living 

Lighting dramatically transforms the way your Mandeville, LA, home looks and feels, and you can instantly change the ambiance with the simple tap of a button. That is, you can if you have a lighting control system that incorporates shades, lights, and other smart home technologies.

You may be thinking, “Well, a light bulb is just a light bulb.” But once you experience the luxury and convenience of a Lutron smart home living experience, you’ll understand exactly what we mean.

Keep reading below to learn more about how you can improve your daily living experiences with Lutron lighting and shade control.

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Experience Life with a Light Control System


Enjoy a Day in The Life With Smart Lighting Control


The entire ambiance changes. The too-dark dining room illuminates to a soft, candlelight glow for a romantic dinner for two.


Your living spaces go from bright and airy to dim and cozy for a relaxing evening after a long day spent working.

Imagine a simple tap or swipe of your finger setting the scene for any activity you’re doing in your New Orleans, LA home. Light control systems make luxury living possible, all with a touch of a button. Keep reading below to learn more!

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Lutron Systems Offer Sophisticated Control to Louisiana Homes


Lighting, Shading, and Superior Control Make Life Easier and More Luxurious

Think about walking into the foyer and tapping a button to have the entire home respond. Your Mandeville, LA property welcomes you with lights that brighten your interior living areas and motorized shades that rise to let in natural sunlight. 

With a Lutron system, those things are possible. Keep reading below to learn more about what it would be like to add automated shading and lighting control to your lifestyle!

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Lighting Design Is an Essential Component of Every Season


No Matter the Time of Year, Make Your Louisiana Home Look Its Best 

You may only be thinking about holiday lighting during this time of year, but the lights in and around your home are essential no matter the season. They can help you navigate through your daily routines and provide a layer of security to the exterior of your Metairie, LA home. 

Keep reading below to learn how a well-planned and expertly executed lighting design from Campo Better Living can elevate your daily lifestyle with the touch of a button.

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What Can a Light Control System Do for My Home?


Your Louisiana Property Is at Your Fingertips with One-Tap Smart Solutions

Imagine having the ability to adjust practically any light in your Louisiana home with a simple press of a button. One tap and the lights in the living room turn on, another tap and the bedroom lights dim. It’s possible with a light control system from Campo Better Living.

At Campo, we pride ourselves on providing innovative lighting and smart home solutions to our clients in Metairie and the greater New Orleans area. Most homes include three distinct types of lighting – accent, task, and ambient light. Each serves a unique purpose, and together, they swath your home in illumination that helps you enjoy, relax, and complete activities throughout each day.

Keep reading below to learn how to control these three types of home lighting with a light control system.

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