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3 Spaces to Transform with a Home Entertainment Installer’s Help

outdoor seating area with on-wall TV entertainment, coffee table, and a space heater

Change the Way You Enjoy Audio/Video at Home

Staying at home to enjoy a movie or TV show doesn’t need to be boring, and you don’t need to contain yourself in the media room or home theater, either! Sometimes it’s nice to complete other tasks while watching TV or listening to music, even moving from room to room as you complete chores or prepare for an upcoming party.

With the help of a home entertainment installer, homeowners can drastically change how they entertain themselves and their guests in any room of the house! Keep reading our blog below to discover three spaces that can transform into must-have audio/video entertainment spots.

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Why Should I Work with a Professional Home Entertainment Installer?

living room seating area facing a large screen TV mounted to the wall for high-performance home entertainment

And Two Other Questions You Need to Think About Before Starting a Home AV Project

Pick two of the following: speed, quality, and cost. 

You can reasonably have two of the above things, but not all three. A home project completed too quickly leaves you with cut corners and a low-quality result. On the flip side, a high price tag comes with high quality but takes a little longer to incorporate into your home than a less-expensive DIY option. 

Many Metairie-area homeowners want a luxury entertainment experience with a small price tag and quick turnaround. Realistically, though, you [don’t] get what you [don’t] pay for, and a quick-and-cheap home theater or media room installation simply won’t offer the immersive sound and picture quality most viewers desire in their Louisiana entertainment spaces. Top-performing audio and video performance is an investment for the ultimate at-home cinema and listening experiences! 

Instead of hopping across town to the local big box retailer for a DIY solution that involves a TV and speaker straight out of the box - consider contacting a professional home entertainment installer like Campo Better Living for your upcoming audio/video project. Keep reading below to discover why you should work with a premier AV installation team and find the answers to two other frequently asked smart home solution questions. 

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How Can Audio Video Distribution Help My Restaurant?

Restaurant seating with a stocked bar in the background. Lighting and in-ceiling speakers are shown.

Let Campo Better Living Bring The Best AV Solutions to Your Business

The clinking of forks and knives on plates. 

The conversational chatter of nearby diners.

You can add so much more to your Metairie, LA than the typical sounds of patrons chatting and dining in your establishment. With audio video distribution, you can take your entertainment and ambiance to new levels without boldly being in your diners’ faces about the technology addition.

Sports bars and five-star restaurants alike need AV distribution. Take a look at our blog below to learn how eateries like yours can benefit from this smart solution.

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3 Essential Needs for Your Home Theater Setup


Take the Movies - And More - to Your Personal Cinema Oasis

Grab some popcorn. Sit down. Relax. And let an immersive audio and video experience take you to new realms and worlds on the big screen. Going to the movies is such a special experience. So, why not bring that experience to your New Orleans, LA, home for the entire family to enjoy?

There’s much more to a great movie-watching or TV-show-binging experience than meets the eye, though. Installing the largest flatscreen display you can find at the front of the room and pressing the ‘Play’ button simply won’t cut it.

To learn three essential components every home theater setup requires, keep reading below!

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3 AV Solutions You Need in Your Louisiana Home


Let Campo Better Living Change the Way You Enjoy Entertainment

It’s never too early to start planning a big project, and what better time of year to do so than after the long season of back-to-back holidays. As the new year comes around the corner and you look back at the year behind you, did you accomplish everything you wanted to do? Home renovations and technology upgrades are usually on homeowners’ to-do lists but get pushed aside as people make their gift lists, check them twice, and decide who’s been naughty or nice during the holiday season.

Don’t look back on 2021 as the year you put entertainment on the back burner in your Slidell, LA home. Instead, keep reading to learn three AV solutions you need to incorporate on your property to become the ultimate entertainment spot next year!

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3 Ways to Enjoy Smart Audio/Video Entertainment


We’re the Expert Home Entertainment Installer in New Orleans!

What do you enjoy doing for fun or to relax in your New Orleans-area home? If you’re like most Louisiana homeowners, watching movies, listening to music, and spending time with your family are all common post-workday activities. But are you truly enjoying your current home audio/video setup, or is it a little lackluster?

If you need an upgrade, it’s time to contact Campo Better Living – your local home entertainment installer. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and innovative smart home solutions that elevate your daily lifestyle. Take a look below to learn three areas of your home that need an overhaul for the ultimate experience in music, TVs, music, and more!

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