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3 Essential Needs for Your Home Theater Setup


Take the Movies - And More - to Your Personal Cinema Oasis

Grab some popcorn. Sit down. Relax. And let an immersive audio and video experience take you to new realms and worlds on the big screen. Going to the movies is such a special experience. So, why not bring that experience to your New Orleans, LA, home for the entire family to enjoy?

There’s much more to a great movie-watching or TV-show-binging experience than meets the eye, though. Installing the largest flatscreen display you can find at the front of the room and pressing the ‘Play’ button simply won’t cut it.

To learn three essential components every home theater setup requires, keep reading below!

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How Can I Select the Best TV Display for My Home?


Sony Offers a Wide Selection of TV Displays Suited to Your Entertainment Needs

At Campo Better Living, we work with trusted brand partners with long histories of customer satisfaction and quality. When selecting TV displays for our clients’ homes in Slidell or elsewhere, we consider Sony for its reputable history full of innovation and performance.

There are several display options on the market today, even from Sony alone, and it can feel overwhelming combing through all of the electronics specifications. OLED, QLED, LCD, LED? What do these acronyms mean?

At the most basic level, the TV you decide to add to your home theater or media room space should suit your entertainment needs as well as look great in your home. A big gamer and a movie buff have different viewing habits, though, and wherever you want to install the TV is also a consideration for your future TV selection.

In this blog, we’ll help you understand the science of two popular options: OLED versus LCD. Plus, we’ll explain how to choose the best TV display for your Louisiana home. Keep reading below!

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3 Ways to Enjoy Smart Audio/Video Entertainment


We’re the Expert Home Entertainment Installer in New Orleans!

What do you enjoy doing for fun or to relax in your New Orleans-area home? If you’re like most Louisiana homeowners, watching movies, listening to music, and spending time with your family are all common post-workday activities. But are you truly enjoying your current home audio/video setup, or is it a little lackluster?

If you need an upgrade, it’s time to contact Campo Better Living – your local home entertainment installer. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and innovative smart home solutions that elevate your daily lifestyle. Take a look below to learn three areas of your home that need an overhaul for the ultimate experience in music, TVs, music, and more!

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