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Don’t Miss Out on These Top Smart Home System Features

open concept dining and kitchen area with stools and in-ceiling smart lighting controlled with a smart home system

Learn How to Use Control4 Automation to Its Ultimate Potential

A smart home may seem overwhelming if the term makes you think of futuristic robots that cook your breakfast or pick out work clothes for you - as some science fiction films have depicted. Smart home systems are anything but overwhelming! They’re designed to make living in your New Orleans, LA, home more convenient and comfortable with a flair of luxury added.

One of the top smart home brands today is Control4, and for good reason! The company has energized the residential market with no-nonsense automation and home control solutions that integrate with thousands of third-party IoT devices that homeowners can buy practically anywhere. What sets Control4 apart from DIY home solutions is its sophisticated yet intuitive interface. One comprehensive and intelligently designed Control4 system can manage all of your property’s smart devices with a simple tap of a button, the swipe of your finger, or a voice command. 

To discover a few of our favorite Control4 smart home system features, keep scrolling to read our blog below!

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What Goes Into a Smart Home Installation?


Let Campo Better Living Lead the Way with Innovative Living Solutions

When you think of technology, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Perhaps a computer, a smartphone, or even a TV, but you likely don’t think about your entertainment system, shades, or the lightbulbs placed throughout your Metairie, LA, property. Modern home technology has dramatically changed the way homeowners live their daily lives.

Campo Better Living integrates all the technologies in your home, so they work together as part of a comprehensive system. A smart home installation requires more than techy equipment, though; it demands a well-planned design, stellar tools, and an expertly executed installation. Keep reading below to learn more about the process from start to finish!

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What’s It Like to Have a High-End Audio System?


Campo Better Living Creates Luxury Listening Experiences for Louisiana Homeowners

Do you have a favorite music artist? We’re particularly fond of New Orleans’ very own Louis Armstrong’s jazz hits but have been known to sing along to the Louisiana native Lil Wayne’s music, too – we can’t help it, we love a catchy tune!

No matter your listening preferences, it’s always best to experience songs as the artist originally intended them to be heard. With a high-end audio system from Campo Better Living, you can do just that. Bring every bass beat, guitar strum, or crystal-clear high note to your home from the recording booth.

To learn how you can achieve a superior audio experience in your Mandeville-area home – no matter the genre or audio source – keep reading below!

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