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Discover the Possibilities of Smart Home Technology For Your Home

Couple embracing over coffee at the kitchen table.

What Smart Home Solutions Should You Consider for Your Louisiana Home?

Effortless convenience plus modern luxury is how we describe what smart home technology can bring to your everyday living. All you need to execute this vision is an expert partner like the team at Campo Better Living. We are your local smart home solutions integrators, ready to help you plan and install smart features that will benefit your day-to-day life. 

As you begin to explore the vast (and growing) world of smart home tech, let's see how some functions could be helpful in each area of your New Orleans, LA, home.

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Audio Video Distribution Makes Life Simpler

media room with gray sectional, large screen TV, white floorstanding speakers, and a fireplace overlooking a patio scene

Pick Up Where You Left Off with Audio & Video with Campo Better Living

Have you ever found yourself nodding off while watching a show in the living room, only to head to bed and find yourself wide awake again? Instead of trudging back downstairs to finish your show, just press Play in the bedroom to pick up where you left off!

An audio video distribution system makes this scenario and several other convenience-adding scenarios possible in your Metairie, LA, home. Discover what else you can do with this high-performing audio video setup in our blog below - keep scrolling!

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Movies, Sports & Netflix, Oh My!

Blue and creme-colored home theater space with tiered seating, sconces, and overhead lighting.

Experience the Latest Entertainment with a Custom Home Theater Design

It’s relaxing to cozy up next to your partner and kids on the couch to watch a new show together at the end of a long day. It’s exciting to cheer alongside your friends as you watch your favorite team win despite being the underdog. And it’s riveting to be on the edge of your seat while immersing yourself in the scenes of a new blockbuster film.

All of these experiences can pull at your heartstrings, soothe your soul, or rejuvenate your spirits. Homeowners in the Metairie area can create these experiences in their own homes when they enlist the assistance of Campo Better Living, a trusted professional home theater design team serving Louisiana. Keep reading below to discover what you need to incorporate into your custom personal cinema space to make it the ultimate entertainment spot!

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It Is Not Always a Thief Trying to Break In

Closeup of a person using a keyless entry sensor to open the door.

How Home Security Solutions Are Your Weapon of Choice in Case of Emergencies 

Every year, homeowners in New Orleans, LA, must deal with the real possibility of a natural disaster striking close to home. 

At Campo Better Living, we understand the importance of protecting your property and loved ones. We offer our clients the latest products and the most professional home security solutions and services.

Although security automation systems are usually associated with crime, there are plenty of cases in which they are just as useful during natural disasters and other emergencies. 

Our industry experience has taught us that a proactive approach in such scenarios is your best bet at protecting your home, family, and interests. 

Here are three examples of a comprehensive home security system saving you time, money, and heartache when dealing with accidents and natural disasters. 

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5 Ways Motorized Shades Are Superior to Traditional Window Treatments

A living room shaded with Lutron motorized shades.

Experience More Control and Elegance in Your Home

Motorized shades may be convenient, but homeowners might wonder if they’re truly worth the investment. But the benefits of automated window treatments go beyond convenience. They can save money, provide added home security, and increase control. Keep reading to see why motorized blinds from companies like Lutron are a better investment than traditional shades and how they can benefit your home in Covington, LA.

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3 Spaces to Transform with a Home Entertainment Installer’s Help

outdoor seating area with on-wall TV entertainment, coffee table, and a space heater

Change the Way You Enjoy Audio/Video at Home

Staying at home to enjoy a movie or TV show doesn’t need to be boring, and you don’t need to contain yourself in the media room or home theater, either! Sometimes it’s nice to complete other tasks while watching TV or listening to music, even moving from room to room as you complete chores or prepare for an upcoming party.

With the help of a home entertainment installer, homeowners can drastically change how they entertain themselves and their guests in any room of the house! Keep reading our blog below to discover three spaces that can transform into must-have audio/video entertainment spots.

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Can Your Smart Home Security System Do This?

smartphone with an Alarm.com smart home security app interface sitting on a beach towel next to sunglasses.

Explore Our Alarm.com Tutorial Videos to Learn the Ins and Outs of Smarter Alarm Systems

We’re faced with several impending holidays and vacationing opportunities as the year draws to a close. Whether you plan to lounge on the beach somewhere remote or invite more people over to your Covington-area home than usual, there’s no doubt that the topic of security has come to your mind. 

To protect your valuables and your loved ones, having a smart home security system is imperative! Explore the different things you can monitor and manage when you have a professionally designed and installed Alarm.com home security system in this blog. Below we’ll share several tutorial videos on the ins and outs of this intuitive and simple-to-navigate platform. Keep scrolling to discover how to protect your Louisiana property best!

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What Would It Be Like to Have High-End Speakers?

White Bowers & Wilkins high-end speakers standing on either side of a fireplace in a luxury living room.

Change the Way You Listen to Music at Home with Campo Better Living’s Help!

Audiophiles agree that high-end speakers are the best! They take the rhythms and melodies crafted by world-renowned musicians and recreate them in stunning clarity in your very own home. Every stunning high note, every bassy low note, and every musical instrument is reproduced and distributed to your listening spaces… that is, if you incorporate high-end speakers into your Metairie-area home entertainment spaces! Lower-quality speakers simply cannot compete with their high-end counterparts.

Whether it’s a home theater, media room, or dedicated listening space, high-performance speakers transform how music is experienced. Keep reading to discover a few of our favorite aspects of the top-performing speaker options on the market today and how you can add them to your Louisiana property. Take a look below!

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Why Should I Work with a Professional Home Entertainment Installer?

living room seating area facing a large screen TV mounted to the wall for high-performance home entertainment

And Two Other Questions You Need to Think About Before Starting a Home AV Project

Pick two of the following: speed, quality, and cost. 

You can reasonably have two of the above things, but not all three. A home project completed too quickly leaves you with cut corners and a low-quality result. On the flip side, a high price tag comes with high quality but takes a little longer to incorporate into your home than a less-expensive DIY option. 

Many Metairie-area homeowners want a luxury entertainment experience with a small price tag and quick turnaround. Realistically, though, you [don’t] get what you [don’t] pay for, and a quick-and-cheap home theater or media room installation simply won’t offer the immersive sound and picture quality most viewers desire in their Louisiana entertainment spaces. Top-performing audio and video performance is an investment for the ultimate at-home cinema and listening experiences! 

Instead of hopping across town to the local big box retailer for a DIY solution that involves a TV and speaker straight out of the box - consider contacting a professional home entertainment installer like Campo Better Living for your upcoming audio/video project. Keep reading below to discover why you should work with a premier AV installation team and find the answers to two other frequently asked smart home solution questions. 

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Common Home Theater Installation Mistakes

Home theater room with large screen and projector, brown leather theater seats and uplighting on the walls.

Advice From An Expert Home Entertainment Installer

A home theater room is the ultimate entertainment venue for enjoying a night with family or friends. When it's time to say "lights, camera, action," you want everything to look and sound amazing, just like it would if you were in the theater. That's our goal every time we work on a home entertainment installation.

Our Campo Better Living team has seen and fixed many home theater installation mistakes as the premiere New Orleans, LA, home entertainment installer. This blog will walk you through a few common errors and offer our advice for building the ultimate movie viewing experience.

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Don’t Leave Your Business Vulnerable to These 3 Dangers

closeup of a person’s hadns entering a code on a keypad and opening a door with the other hand.

Building Access Control & Other Security Measures Protect Your Company from Loss

Keeping your company profitable in this day and age is quite an accomplishment! New Orleans-area business owners have been thrown for a loop the last several years, having been forced to adapt to a new normal amidst wild news cycles, world events, and an ever-evolving customer base. 

One evergreen aspect of owning a business that remains and will always be present is security. Keep reading our blog below to discover how building access control and other commercial safety measures can protect your Louisiana business from three expected and not-so-expected dangers.

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3 Spaces in Your Home That Could Benefit from a Surround Sound System

A media room with a surround sound system setup

Experience Premium Audio Throughout Your Home for Movies, Music, & More

Audio is a crucial part of any entertainment experience. Premium speakers can deliver high-fidelity sound that enhances a movie-watching experience in your home theater or pump your favorite playlist through your media room. If you and your family love watching movies, TV shows, sports, or listening to music, then you’ll love the audio delivered by a surround sound system. Keep reading to see three places in your New Orleans, LA home that could benefit from a tailored surround sound system. 

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4 Rooms in Your Home That Need Motorized Shades

Bathroom with tub overlooking a window with motorized shades on one side and a sink on the other

Let Campo Better Living Transform Your New Orleans Property with Style & Sophistication

Motorized shades aren’t at the top of every homeowner’s must-have smart solutions list, but we’d like to change that. Adding elegance and convenience to any room of your New Orleans-area home is an obvious upgrade, so why not do that with new motorized shades from the Campo Better Living team?

Keep scrolling below to discover four rooms in your Louisiana home that can most definitely benefit from adding automated window treatments! We can’t wait for you to see why this technology is perfect for everyone.

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3 Ways to Elevate Your Outdoor Entertainment Experiences

Outdoor bullet speaker situated within foliage. Blurry image of people in the background.

Let Campo Better Living Turn Up the Backyard Fun with AV and More

If you’ve been looking for a way to turn up the fun this summer, look no further than your Louisiana backyard! Sure, you, your family, and your friends can hang out by the pool, but why not stream your favorite playlist across the yard simultaneously? Or why not host a neighborhood movie watch party with a weather-resistant outdoor TV meant to look vibrant whether it’s nighttime or daytime? 

To discover how you can take your outdoor entertainment up a notch, keep reading our blog on the topic below! Then give us a call at (504) 454-5104 to transform your outdoor spaces!

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The Fun Can Go All Night with Outdoor Lighting

a group of six men and women toasting wine glasses with a man and woman talking in the background

Campo Better Living Brings Exciting Lighting to Your NOLA-Area Property

There’s no need for your outdoor entertainment activities to wind down once the sun lowers on the horizon. Instead, keep the party going well into the wee hours of the morning - plus keep everyone safe - with an outdoor lighting control installation from Campo Better Living.

Not only will you be able to add instant curb appeal with preset schedules, but you can add the perfect ambiance to any outdoor hangout you’ve got planned for your friends in Slidell, LA. Keep scrolling below to discover what you can do once you incorporate outdoor lighting control and automation.

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Enjoy Automated Lighting in These 3 Spots on Your Property

an outdoor seating area overlooking a home with automated lighting control

Set It and Forget It - Smart Lighting Makes Life Easier in Louisiana

You may remember the infomercial from years ago where the spokesperson repeatedly said, “set it and forget it!” We like to apply that same phrase to automated lighting! It’s a fun reminder of the incredible convenience that comes with preprogrammed lighting scenes and schedules. Campo Better Living brings this and other smart home solutions to homes in Mandeville, LA, and the greater New Orleans region. 

Keep scrolling below to learn three areas of your property that can be improved with automated lighting technology.

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Protect Your Staff and Assets with the Latest Access Control System

Hand holding a fob and using it on an access control system.

Take a Proactive, Protective Stance by Controlling Access to Your Business

Today's business operators are more conscientious than ever, looking for ways to protect their staff, clients, and assets. As a result, they may implement a robust security system using multiple layers, including video surveillance and alarms. However, the first step in securing your place of business in today's environment is an access control system.

Let's explore how these systems help protect businesses in Covington, LA. 

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Don’t Miss Out on These Top Smart Home System Features

open concept dining and kitchen area with stools and in-ceiling smart lighting controlled with a smart home system

Learn How to Use Control4 Automation to Its Ultimate Potential

A smart home may seem overwhelming if the term makes you think of futuristic robots that cook your breakfast or pick out work clothes for you - as some science fiction films have depicted. Smart home systems are anything but overwhelming! They’re designed to make living in your New Orleans, LA, home more convenient and comfortable with a flair of luxury added.

One of the top smart home brands today is Control4, and for good reason! The company has energized the residential market with no-nonsense automation and home control solutions that integrate with thousands of third-party IoT devices that homeowners can buy practically anywhere. What sets Control4 apart from DIY home solutions is its sophisticated yet intuitive interface. One comprehensive and intelligently designed Control4 system can manage all of your property’s smart devices with a simple tap of a button, the swipe of your finger, or a voice command. 

To discover a few of our favorite Control4 smart home system features, keep scrolling to read our blog below!

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Start with a Strong Foundation: Home Network Installations

man sitting in a home office using an imac computer. There is a plant on the desk and bookshelves in the background.

Your Smart Technologies Need a Secure, Speedy Network to Work Properly

If you’ve ever sat and patiently (or more than likely, impatiently) waited as a loading symbol displayed on your screen, then you’re acquainted with the struggles of a slow internet connection. A professional home network installation provides the invaluable backbone to all your home’s connected devices, from your home theater to your desktop computer in the home office. 

Video streaming, file downloads, and smart device response times should occur without a hitch and with little to no wait time. Discover how an upgraded home network provides speedy and secure connectivity to all the technologies in your New Orleans, LA, home. Keep scrolling below to read our blog on the topic!

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A Lutron Smart Home Sets Itself Apart

Open concept living room, dining room, kitchen layout with large windows and chandelier.

Learn How Innovative Smart Lighting and Shades Dramatically Alter Daily Living 

Lighting dramatically transforms the way your Mandeville, LA, home looks and feels, and you can instantly change the ambiance with the simple tap of a button. That is, you can if you have a lighting control system that incorporates shades, lights, and other smart home technologies.

You may be thinking, “Well, a light bulb is just a light bulb.” But once you experience the luxury and convenience of a Lutron smart home living experience, you’ll understand exactly what we mean.

Keep reading below to learn more about how you can improve your daily living experiences with Lutron lighting and shade control.

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