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What Features Should I Include in My Smart Security System?


Campo Better Living Explains the Basics of Home Security

Motion sensors, perimeter cameras, fish-eye lenses, and pan-tilt-zoom are just a few of the smart security system features available on the market today. When you’re deciding what to include in your Covington, LA property’s security package, it’s important to understand what these features do and that they can offer more than peace of mind.

Scroll below to learn the basics of smart security systems and how each protects your home in the greater New Orleans area.

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Security Cameras

Security cameras offer a wide range of features that help protect your home. Add them to interior or exterior spaces, including at the end of your driveway, at your garage door, by your storage shed, and looking out across your backyard. With AI and thermal detection, modern security cameras can detect threats better than ever before. 

These cameras can even decipher the difference between an animal, an idling car, and a loitering person. Whenever these cameras detect motion, you can program the app to send you a smartphone notification so you can take a closer look and view live camera footage in real-time.

Window & Door Sensors

Did the kids get home safely from school? You’ll receive alerts whenever a door or window is opened or closed. Pair these sensors with expertly placed surveillance cameras at main entries of your home. You’ll know exactly who is on your property and where they are with a simple swipe of your finger using your preferred smart device. 

Remote Access

When you’re away from home, whether it’s across the country for a family vacation or across town at your workplace, it’s nice to have peace of mind regarding your home’s security. Use the app for remote access to all your smart security system devices. You’ll be able to lock and unlock smart locks for the dog walker and delivery people, speak with whomever rings your video doorbell, and monitor live and previously recorded video footage.

A Comprehensive System

Having a security system that incorporates the technologies listed above ensures you’re protecting your Covington-area home as best as you can with tried-and-true methods. The expert team at Campo Better Living can integrate all these security and surveillance features into your existing home control system, too. 

Arm your security system, lower the motorized shades for privacy, and turn on exterior lighting by simply tapping the “Away” scene as you leave the house for a fun evening out with your partner. You can have ultimate security and convenience at your fingertips! 

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Our team is dedicated to quality and service for all our projects, no matter the size! To start a conversation about the security on your Louisiana property, connect with us with our online form, or chat with us at the bottom of your screen. 

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