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3 Essential Needs for Your Home Theater Setup


Take the Movies - And More - to Your Personal Cinema Oasis

Grab some popcorn. Sit down. Relax. And let an immersive audio and video experience take you to new realms and worlds on the big screen. Going to the movies is such a special experience. So, why not bring that experience to your New Orleans, LA, home for the entire family to enjoy?

There’s much more to a great movie-watching or TV-show-binging experience than meets the eye, though. Installing the largest flatscreen display you can find at the front of the room and pressing the ‘Play’ button simply won’t cut it.

To learn three essential components every home theater setup requires, keep reading below!

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Echoing dialogue and tinny music completely ruin the drama of the latest blockbuster film. Proper speaker placement is essential for a truly immersive soundscape, and that’s where our team’s audio/video expertise comes to play. Placing speakers too close together or near walls and furniture can distort the audio of your favorite TV show, concert, or sports game. Campo Better Living will assess your entertainment space to design a speaker system that works for the room’s unique needs.

Left, right, and center channel speakers are placed at the front of the room and surround speakers installed at the back of the home theater space envelop the viewer in whatever scene is taking place on the screen. Add in Dolby Atmos upward-firing speakers for audio that comes from every direction - front, behind, and above! When you arrange for professional speaker placement, every car chase scene, romantic moment, touchdown, or gaming mission will be heard in stunning clarity.


The size and shape of your home theater or media room space will determine the best screen size. Too large of a screen leaves viewers turning their heads from side to side to see the entire scene, making them feel like they’ve done a neck workout by the end of the day. Once our AV team determines the ideal screen size, we recommend if a projector and projection screen combination or a large screen TV display will work best for your space. 

Many times, the selection comes down to your preferences and budget, but two considerations that help make this determination are:

  • The amount of ambient light in the room. We can incorporate motorized shades to block out natural sunlight, but many projection screens have ALR (ambient light rejecting) technology, so this may not be a dealbreaker.
  • The size. Projection screens typically come in larger sizes than TVs, with a more reasonable price-point trajectory as you increase the display size.


Imagine trying to relax while you’re uncomfortable. It sounds impossible. Seating with luxurious fabrics not only dampens sound reflection but also ensures your next movie marathon is as comfortable as possible. Recliners, chaise loungers, bean bag chairs, and other seating solutions are all available for homeowners. You can add flair with color and style to suit your unique tastes, even selecting fabrics and furniture that match the existing decor in your New Orleans home.

New Orleans’ Home Theater Professional

Campo Better Living is your go-to professional for a new or upgraded home theater setup. We pride ourselves on excellent installations, functionality, and service. Chat with us at the bottom of your screen, or connect with us here to start a conversation about your next project.

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