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Campo Better Living is Your Louisiana Sonos Dealer


Bringing Whole-Home Audio to Homes in Metairie and Greater New Orleans

Imagine having a catalog of the world’s music in the palm of your hands. Go a step further, and imagine pressing the Play button on anything that piques your interest and then hearing it play throughout your home. With Sonos, it’s possible!

Keep reading below to learn three reasons you’ll love a Sonos system and how you can incorporate this powerhouse brand into your smart home in Metairie, LA. There’s no question about it - Campo Better Living is a proud Sonos dealer!

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One of the most exciting features of a Sonos system is its flexibility. Start with a single Sonos One in a room to enjoy your favorite streaming playlists with a simple command. Once you fall in love with the Sonos experience, you can scale your Sonos system to other rooms of your home and expand your entertainment possibilities. 

Enjoy the Arc premium smart soundbar in the media room with Dolby Atmos capability and eleven internal speakers designed to wow viewers with stunning sound. Then as you leave the room to start preparing dinner, tap a button on the Sonos app to send movie audio to the kitchen so you can keep pace with what’s happening without missing a beat.

Easy to Control

Sonos makes whole-home audio distribution a breeze for homeowners. The app goes beyond any functionality you’d expect from a single app by offering high-resolution and lossless audio support, increased data security, and an intuitive user interface for easy browsing and audio management. You can control other apps you love, like Audible and Spotify, or use Apple AirPlay 2 to use your favorite standalone podcast app. And with many of the speakers - such as the outdoor Roam or the indoor Arc, Beam, and One - using hands-free voice control is another option. 

Blends Into Existing Systems

If you already have a hi-fi audio system in your home, you can expand its functionality by incorporating a Sonos Port or Sonos Amp. The Amp works as an amplifier so that you can power your passive speakers for multi-room listening. The Port lets you bring the Sonos experience to your traditional stereo or receiver, giving you the ability to stream your favorite online services.

And if you don’t have a dedicated listening room, you can still add Sonos speakers in specific configurations to experience high-end sound. Our team can set up a left and right stereo pair using two Sonos Ones so you can experience a clear, spacious, room-encompassing sound with smart functionality. 

A Sonos Dealer for Luxury Homeowners

No matter your favorite genre or singer, Campo Better Living can create the perfect listening experience in your Greater New Orleans home. Chat with a representative below, or connect with us here to start discussing the possibilities of Sonos - we can’t wait to hear from you!

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